Journal of Young Explorers Meta (JYEM) invites the submission of innovative proposals for online publication.

Journal of Young Explorers Meta - Volume 4/5 is Coming Soon...

JYEM, hosted and managed by faculties and alumni of prestigious universities, seeks to publish innovative scholarly manuscripts.

    Delving into Thoughts and Ideas

    Rather than committing to a set concept, a true explorer delves into many intriguing thoughts, ideas, and questions, investigating almost as a detective would. The mind of an explorer welcomes the vastness of its questions, without worrying about specific technicalities and delivering answers immediately. An explorative approach to learning is adventurous and liberating— endless discovery without judgement nor scrutiny. It is the ideal way to view new possibilities!

      Publish Your Project - Publishing your Project on JYEM (PPJ)

      • The paper submission for PPJ (Volume 4/5a) is open.
      • The selected projects will be published in the next volume of JYEM.
      • Accepted PPJ winners will receive special recognition and monetary awards.

      Journal of Young Explorers Meta-Upcoming

      Featured Paper - YEGI Vol.4

      Rebecca Vitenzon, Oxford University (Upcoming)

      Gender, labor and race historians have made a strong case for space as a social construct. A Foucauldian framework of analysis of space has allowed historians to reveal histories ...

      Featured Paper - YEGI Vol.4

      Giselle Hengst, Vanderbilt University (Upcoming)

      Racism is one of the important social problems in the United States that must be addressed. Racism and its consequences are well highlighted in popular culture, including movies and ...

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