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Impact of Mask Policies on Social and Psychological Consequences During the Covid-19 Pandemic

January 26, 2022
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Abstract: COVID-19 has proven detrimental to the economy and changed the nature of social interactions. Governments at every level have increasingly required the use of face masks in public spaces. Evidence has shown that mandatory mask-wearing policies can effectively control the outbreak of the virus, protecting susceptible populations (i.e., individuals with preexisting conditions, and individuals 65 and older). Many communities encourage mask-wearing to reduce the chance of viral transmission. 

While mandatory mask policies appear to effectively reduce transmission of the virus, their long-term psychological effects are not yet known. In this study, we examine the association between the implementation of face mask mandates and detrimental psychological and social consequences as well as other relevant aspects. Also, this study tries to figure out if the mandatory mask policies are advisable, and if so, how it benefits the public. 

Keywords:  Mask policies, Social behavior, Psychological consequences, Covid-19, Face mask during the pandemic


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