Schedules Updates

    The schedules and guides for the Photo/Image Competition(PIC) is as follows.

    Each year we select “Best of” photos as well as photos from the vairous fields. These categories change depending on the selection of photos we receive. We know there are many motivated photographers out there and we’d like to encourage their curiosity and creativity. Photography is also a great family activity and educational opportunity. Art, photos, drawings and all the images submitted to the competition will be reviewed by a rotating experts, each representing a different field ensuring a fair and balanced selection process.


    1. Each photographer may enter a maximum of five photographs.
    2. Each photo name should include the followings:
      • a title
      • descriptors
      • location where the photo was taken (if it is a nature photos)
      • name of photographer
    3. Authors consent to use their photos on our website, in publications, and other materials.
    4. Submit photos as a high resolution JPG/JPEG file.
    5. Submit entries via email or online system
    6. Use the subject line “PIC - Photo Contest.”

    Schedule Summary: PPJ - Publishing your Project on JYEM

    • Submissions open: year-round
    • Submission materials: Research paper and application form (please check 'Generals Information' below)

    Awards - Selected winners will receive eGift Cards.

    • Amazon eGift Cards ranging from $50 to $350 ($350/$200/$100/50) will be given to the first place, second place, third place, and honorable mention overall(PPC/RPC/PPJ).
    • $1,000 Amazon eGift Card will be given to one Grand Prize winner of all the competition(PPC/RPC/PPJ)
    • Internship opportunities can be available for selected candidates.
    • All the categories of awards will be judged by senior members of JYEM/YEGI/NY-CSEF.

    General Information

    1. Please upload the material online: go to the menu bar on top and select “Submission Portal” to upload the project material with the application form [download].
    2. Your project will be available for review by judges throughout the judging period.
    3. All the submissions will go through a rigorous triple-blind peer review.
    4. Acceptance notice will be sent generally 1~2 weeks after the submission
    5. When your manuscript is accepted for next round review,  judges may request more information if it is needed.
    6. Team  projects must check Team Project box in the application form [click here] and list all the coauthors’ information in the Author section of the Abstract including each author’s complete name, school, and email. Corresponding author should be noted.
    7. If you have problems uploading documents online, please send your images/photos to directly with the application form [download].