JYEM Research Competition

Research Competition - Research Paper and Form due 7/12/2024. View Details

(Video)Past JYEM/NYCSEF event at Harvard Club in NYC JYEM/NYCSEF event at Harvard Club in NYC 2024 JYEM/NYCSEF Competition

JYEM - Junior Scientists and Young Explorers Meta

Junior Scientists and Young Explorers Meta, hosted and managed by faculties and alumni of prestigious universities, encourages students to submit innovative scholarly manuscripts. Read More >>

Research Paper Competition

  • A work-in-progress research
  • Completed research
  • Paper Due: 7/12/2024

Publish Your Project on JYEM

  • Fundamental or applied research
  • Judging on a rolling basis
  • ISBN 979-8-89480-840-6

Photo and Image Competition

  • Unlimited topics and ideas
  • Open all year-round
  • Photos, images and drawings


Humanities, Social Science, Engineering, Life and Natural Science

The JYEM, supported by diverse professionals from colleges and industries, welcomes the vast scope of its questions, without worrying about specific technicalities or having to deliver immediate answers. The events are sponsored by alumni and researchers from Harvard, Yale, MIT and other prestigious schools and organizations.

Humanities, Psychology and Philosophy

  • Essential knowledge that unites humankind
  • Human essence to the spiritual principle
  • A comprehensive study on philosophy 

Social, Economics and Business

  • Human behavior, individuals and societies 
  • Research on economic and business issues
  • Socioeconomic and financial 

Engineering, Math and Computer

  • Utilizes and invents engineering methods
  • Investigates problems in our lives
  • Concepts used in various fields

Biological and Medical Sciences

  • Creative thought and finding inspiration
  • Develop your imagination with creative method
  • Creative procedures and technologies 

Sciences and Technologies

  • Keen observation and analyses
  • Nature and other related matters of life
  • Alignment to standards

Mentorship Program-Internship

  • Eligibility: GPA of 3.7 or above
  • 9th through 12th grade/college students 
  • Mentorship from Ivy League faculty members

Special Features of the Current Volume

Speaker 1

History and Social Study

by Rebecca Vitenzen, University of Oxford

Speaker 2

Psychology and Political Science

by Eric Jiefei Deng, Columbia University

Science & Engineering

by Noel Cercizi and Jiali Chen, Brooklyn Tech. HS

JYEM Events and Award Ceremonies

Speaker 1
Speaker 2

Sponsors and Our Member Institutions

2024 JYEM Expo

Poster Presentations by High School and College Students

Conference and Networking for Selected Projects

Sunday, 8/10/2024 (10am-1pm)
The Kaplen JCC on the Palisades, Tenafly, New Jersey

Click here to see the past JYEM/NYCSEF Expo opening ceremony at Harvard Club in NYC

JYEM invites the submission of innovative proposals for the conference broadly defined on humanities, social, and other interdisciplinary research, as well as science and engineering research.