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2021 Research Competition (RPC/PPJ) Finalists

July 02, 2021

2021 FINALISTS  - Research Competition (RPC/PPJ)

Congratulations on being a finalist of the Research Competition (RPC/PPJ) 2021! 

Listed below are the finalists of the 2021 JYEM/NYSEF-RPC/PPJ. We wish you the best and much success in all your future endeavors as you continue to grow as researchers and innovative scholars.


Alana Wolfson   Joshua Jones
 Alisha Ansari   Katie Sie
Aruna Das   Kaylin Spinelli
Aryan Ghotra   Keneil Soni
Austin Crouchley   Krupa Sekhar
Carlos Sevilla   Kyumin Kim
Cathrine Sakin   Lin Jing Liu
Cayla Midy   Mayur Talele
David Wang   Nicole Ma
Diana Oh   Olivia Teng
Edward Eiichi Fujiwara   Prableen Kaur
Ethan Chiu   Rhia Kumar
Eunki Shim   Richard Ren
Frances Lum   Rohan Ghotra
Giovanna Napoleone   Sabrina Guo
Giselle Rasquinha   Sonia Hasko
Hyungsoon Kim   Tori Famularo
Isabella Souza   Victoria Li

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